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Writing lyrics on Valentine’s Day

Posted by onestoprockstar on February 19, 2009

Valentine’s Day is a great day to write lyrics. Especially if you don’t have a loved one. Nothing brings out the pain and agony more than Valentine’s Day in such situations, and such extreme emotional anguish can be such a productive inspirational tool for songwriting. So much so, I know someone who broke up with her boyfriend just to get inspired!

No joke!

I don’t recommend such drastic action. On the enneagram, that would be the destructive form of the artist personality. Instead, let songwriting complement your relationships, not dictate them.

On Valentine’s Day, my wife saw a childhood friend of hers. He slept with her. Naw, just kidding. The friend was a married female friend of hers. They were just talking in our hotel room, and then they slept together. Naw, just kidding. I wanted to give them space and I was tired, so I told them I was going to lie down for awhile. And then we had a threesome. Naw, just kidding. The maid knocked on the door. And we had a foursome! Naw, just kidding. The three of us went to the lobby to let the maid clean our hotel room.

So while my wife and her friend sat in the lobby chatting up a storm of good thoughts and memories, I wrote loving lyrics for my wife at the bar.

Valentine’s Day has a lot of standard love phrases so it’s pretty easy to call them up in the mind. I used “Be mine” a few times. And I did some kind of poetic free-writing: “Be [this], Be [that], [listing a whole bunch ofthings to be] and Be mine.” I then found the lines that rhymed, rearranged them, and rewrote them in standard Verse / Chorus format.

The end result was a song with the message “Be anyone you wish because by being your true self, I truly love you.”

The point of this is to try freewriting lines, see what comes out. You may be surprised.


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