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Writing lyrics to a new song

Posted by onestoprockstar on February 4, 2009

I started lyrics to a new song today on BART. There were no leopards on the train to distract me. And for those of you who think “leopards” is code for “cute chicks,” you don’t know me well. Those who know me well know that when I say “leopards,” I mean “leopards.” I think it would be quite distracting trying to write lyrics while the people next to you are being mauled by a wild cat.

Anyhow, the catch phrase I came up with for the song was “While you lie beside me, I will lie with you.” My idea is to write verses that suggest a loving relationship on the outside, but slowly revealing an emptiness as the love is revealed as just going through the motions. Is the love really there? By the time the chorus reiterates the catch phrase the last time in the song, the words “While you lie beside me, I lie with you” has new meaning. The singer is actually lying to his partner about his love for her.

I tried working the verses, but I’m not happy with them yet, so I’ll need to rework them.

If you are a songwriter, the thing to take away from this is twofold (What? Twofold? People still use that word?).

First, your catch phrase can be made powerful if it has different meanings at various points in the song. And if you have trouble coming up with good catch phrases, never fear. I have a couple of exercises in my e-book “Lyric Writing Secrets” that teaches how to come up with some catch phrases and taglines easily. (

Second, don’t be afraid to toss out lyrics that don’t work as well as they could. In fact, it’s good to write five verses for a four-verse song. That way, you can toss out an entire verse and make the song sound great!

Keep on writing, playing, fondling, and eating!

-Ezra the Guy Who Thinks “Lamborghini” is a Choice of Entree


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