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Writing Lyrics to Your RPM Album

Posted by onestoprockstar on February 3, 2009

I’ve decided to take the RPM challenge and record an album in one month – the month of February. ( SeeĀ Though I didn’t need to, I resolved to start from scratch. The goal is to record ten songs. Yesterday, on February 1st, I wrote the lyrics for 5 songs. Today, however, was not a weekend. So I settled for figuring out the number of measures for each verse, chorus, intro, bridge, and ending. Not in that order. The measure numbers will help me lay down the drum tracks. I like to lay those down first. Later I’ll organize the orchestration and arrangement, but I’m thinking of keeping it simple: drums, piano, voice, and strings.

MOst of my inspiration for the lyrics has come from Queen songs. In fact, I wrote the lyrics as if they were new words to specific Queen songs (I used “I Want it All” and “Too Much Love Will Kill You” for inspiration).

I also am going to create a kind of Physics Rap song, though it won’t really be rap because the words will just be spoken over a rhythm section. Inspired by William Burroughs’ poetry read over a beat.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. And I’ll try to be a little more light hearted about it all.

For now, settle for these words: Life is like a pudding. The more you eat, the more you think how right Bill Cosby was.


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